We are Phenix, a French company that offers innovative recycling solutions for your rubber scraps. Rubber granulates, micronizates or devulcanizates, we have a wide expertise in rubber size-reduction and re-use of rubber as second-hand raw materials.

your contacts

Marc Gruffat

Head of the company, has about thirty years of experience in selling industrial equipment in the rubber industry: he sold nearly 200 machines all over Europe which are currently working in good conditions. These machines were usually designed by Phenix but manufactured by third parties and sold within complete turnkey workshops.

François Baratin

Graduated as Engineer from Ecole Polytechnique in Paris, PhD from UBC (Vancouver, Canada), former staff member in the French ministry of economy; he has experience as entrepreneur of an innovative business.


Said Seghar

A mechanical engineer, Doctor of polymer sciences from Tours University, is head of Phénix’ R&D and technical manager of the H2020 program.

our team


Maurice Eloy

Thermal engineer; he invented and developed a method of treatment and disposal of household wastes (phase separation at very high pressure) that is now installed by an Italian manufacturer and used on an industrial scale in several sites in Europe.


Jean-Paul Bouysset

Chemical engineer with a long experience as Technical Sales Director and General Manager in the areas of carbon black ad rubber chemical ingredients. He is presently vice-president of the European Tire Recycling Association (ETRA).


Bernadette Couloumy

Bachelor in accounting and business management, is supporting the budget and logistics operations of Phénix-Technologies for more than ten years.


Jean-Marie Roulleau

A maintenance technician, is chief operator of Phenix's workshop.

our equipments

Phenix Technologies has set up a laboratory for
rubber characterization near the prototype, including:

Our rubber recycling equipments
  • Open mixing mill (3 kg of capacity)
  • Vulcanisation press 500 x 500 mm
  • Mooney MV2000 Viscometer; Brand: Alpha Technologies; Standard: ASTM D1646
  • MDR Pioneer rheometer; Brand: Alpha Technologies; Standard: ASTM 5289
  • Fourier transform infrared spectrometer (transmission /
    reflexion and gas analyser); Brand: Thermo Scientific Nicolet IS10
  • Thermogravimetric analyser; Brand: Mettler Toledo TGA 2; Standard: ASTM D6370
  • Tensile Test Machine (Traction / compression/ creep and
    stress relaxation ); Brand: Shimadzu AGS-X; Standard: ISO-37 (tractions)
  • Durometer ShoreA.
  • Soxhlet extractor (Soluble fraction and crosslink density
  • Analytical balance (10 -5 g)
  • Activated charcoal hood

Furthermore, the prototype will be extended to make TPeV by coupling it to a second extruder, 40mm in diameter, at a capacity of 100 kg/hour.